How to assign variations to an item?


This can be done via the Business Dashboard using the Menu Editor under Online Ordering
Follow the steps given below:

1. Select Menu Editor under Online Ordering on the dashboard navigation list.



2.  Find the Item you want to add variations for by picking them from their relevant Category / Sub Category and select the same.



3. On selecting the Item, you will see the Item Details tab for the same, scroll down to Variations of this item.

4. Choose one of the preset variation types such as Quantity, Size, etc. or go ahead and Make your own group. You can also choose an existing group that you've created already by using the Copy from other items option.

If you choose to Copy from other items, you'll see the existing variation groups as follows. Click Add to Item to do the same. Enter the Price for the variations and click Save.


5. If you choose to assign a new variation then add Title of the Variant Group, enter the Variant Options and their Prices. Once done click on Save Variant Group


5. Once done with edits click Save.