How to create an add-on group?


This can be done via the Business Dashboard using the Menu Editor within Online Ordering.
Follow the steps given below:

  1. Select Menu Editor under Online Ordering on the dashboard navigation list.


  2.  Find the Item you want to create an add-on item for by picking them from their relevant Category / Sub Category and select the same.image

  3. On the Item Details window, scroll down to Add-on group for this item section:


  4. Create add-on items within predefined groups, like ‘Extras’, ‘Toppings’, or general ‘Add-ons’ or choose to "Make your own". 
    Enter the Add-on group name.
    Select the Minimum and Maximum add-on items that can be chosen by the customer.
    Enter the 
    Add-on Item Option name. 
    Select the Item Attribute from the dropdown.
    Enter the Additional Price for the item it is added to.


  5.  Once you're done with edits click Save Add-on Group.