How can I set up a loyalty program?

This can be done via your Business Dashboard, under the Loyalty section.                                                                                                 

Follow the steps given below - 

1. Click on the 'create loyalty program' button on the top right corner of the page. 

2. Select the type of Loyalty program you want to set up. A Cashback program offers customers 'cash' back in their wallet that they can redeem from your restaurant later by placing an order. Points based loyalty programs are of two types; points on visits, and points on spend. This awards your customers with points based on the action you decide and set up for your restaurant. The recommended program to go for is the points based program. 

3. For this example, let's pick a points based loyalty program to set up. As mentioned in the previous pointer, you can decide whether customers are awarded points based on the number of visits they make to your store, or the spends on these visits. For this example, let's go ahead with the number of visits. 

4. Enter the number of points individuals would earn on each visit. You also have advanced settings that you can opt for, which put down further parameters for your loyalty program. 

5. Select the number of days the points earned will be valid for. Also, add in the interval at which you want to send them a reminder for the points expiry. Keep in mind that the first reminder number should always be greater than the second. 

6. You can also put a cap on the minimum order value, how many orders a day the customer will be rewarded for, and the specific items from your menu that qualify for the loyalty program. 

7. Click on continue, and move on to the rewards. If you have previous rewards to choose from they will be displayed on your screen. If not, click on create new reward. 

8. In terms of the type of reward you can choose, there's a drop down with a list of options that will be displayed on your screen. Out of these, the percentage off reward option is the most popular. 

9. Once you have a category picked, choose a reward name, the percentage off you want to provide your customers with, and the points that they can redeem. Don't forget to check out our pro tips! Click on create reward once all the details are filled in. 

10. Once your reward is created, choose it and click on the 'create loyalty program' button. 

11. Watch the video to learn more on how to set up a loyalty program for your brand: