How can I set up tiers for my Loyalty Program?


This can be done via the Business Dashboard, under the Loyalty section. 

Follow the steps given below - 
1. Click on the 'create loyalty program' button on the top right corner of the page. 

2. The tier-based system is available for the Cashback program. 

3. Click on the check box marked 'enable tier based program'. 

4. Setup the earn logic for your customers by setting up the tiers you will offer. You can name each tier according to the minimum and maximum spend, and the percentage of earnings. For e.g., Bronze, Silver, Gold. 

5. You can also add in additional advanced parameters for your loyalty program. These include the maximum redemption permissible per transaction, the maximum Cashback that can be earned per transaction, and the minimum Cashback balance required to redeem. 

6. Apart from the above, make sure to add in the Cashback expiry days. You can also send out 2 reminders before the cashback expires. 

7. Additionally, you can also draw parameters on the customer's order details. These include the minimum order value, the maximum number of orders in a day that a customer can be rewarded for, and the specific items from your menu on which this loyalty program is applicable. 

8. Once these details are filled in, click on the 'create loyalty program' button, and you're set.