First steps to get started with Thrive Now


We hope you were able to login successfully, and start the process of setting up your Thrive store. Here are a few more things you can do to make sure your customers are incentivised to place their order with your restaurant. 

Set up your Menu 

Your menu needs to be well-maintained, up to date, and good to look at in general if you want to invite customers to place orders with your restaurant. Here are a few good-to-have practices to keep in mind while setting up your menu.

Customise Banners - You can personalize you restaurant's banner with new items, offers, and more, Make it as personalised as you can! Click here to know more about uploading banners.

Add Bestsellers, and Recommended Items - Boost sales by featuring recommended items at the top of your menu. Click here to learn how.

Add images to items - Give your customers a good look at what they're ordering. Click here to know how to set up images for your menu items. 

Sequential items - Make sure your menu is formatted in the best way possible! Recommended and bestsellers on top, followed by appetisers, mains, and keep your add-ons and smaller items towards the end of your menu. 

Enable Pre-Ordering - Give your customers the option to plan ahead with pre-ordering. Click here for details.

Set up Offers

Incentivise your customers with exclusive offers to make sure they place their order on Thrive! Here are a few examples of the offers you can curate - 

First order offers - a certain significant % off on the first order they place

Weekend offers - the most influx of orders comes in on the weekend! Make sure you have weekend offers active to give your customers that extra nudge!

BOGO offers - These offers can be on for a significant period of time. Let's say, a month or a few weeks. This will also give your customers a sense of urgency when they're placing an order. 

And many more! To check out all the offers you can curate, and how to set them up, click here

For further information, you can bookmark our Help Centre or reach out to our Customer Support WhatsApp Channel. 

Keep Thrive-ing!