How do I submit a WhatsApp template for approval?


This can be done from your Business Dashboard under the Marketing Tab. 

Follow the steps given below to submit your WhatsApp template for approval - 
1. Under marketing, click on templates. Click on the 'create template' button on the top right. 
2. Select WhatsApp as a mode for communication, and put in a template name. 
3. Select the header, which is an optional field based on your preference from the options below - 
  • None
  • Text → (Input Text + Option to Add Variable)
  • Image (JPG or PNG → Limit = 5MB)
  • Video (MP4 → Limit = 10MB)
  • Document (PDF → Limit = 5MB)
4. Input the body of your message (your entire campaign as a template). Here, you have an option to add variables to make your communication personalised as per your audience. 
5. You also have an option to add 2 buttons as a call to action once your content is set up. You can either add a phone number (requesting a call back) or a website URL for the consumer to visit. 
6. Once all your information has been added, click on 'submit' to send your template for approval. 
7. Don't forget to check out our Knowledge Base for common reasons for template rejections.