What is the difference between QSR and Table Ordering options in Dine-in?


The QSR - Quick Service Restaurant/ Instant Odrering Dine-in option works in a manner wherein the customer can place an order while at the outlet and complete the order by paying at checkout immediately.
 For example: https://thrivenow.in/fully-loaded

The Table Ordering Dine-in option works in a manner wherein the customer can place multiple orders in succession which are attributed to their table number and they pay for the cumulative total of the orders at the end of their meal.
For example: https://delivery.punjabgrill.in/punjab-grill-punjab-grill-aerocity-delhi

The Visual Menu option works in a manner such that customers can simply view your menu without the ordering functionalities. 
For example: https://thrivenow.in/thebombaycanteen