How do I get paid? What is the flow of payments?


The way you get paid at Thrive Now is extremely transparent.
The flow for payments is as follows:

  1. The customer successfully makes a payment to place an order.
  2. This payment is received by us, Thrive Now.
  3. We deduct the Thrive fee, applicable Delivery charge if any and the Payment Gateway fee. 
  4. The balance amount is transferred to your added bank account in a maximum of T+2 working days.
Please note, in case you've not added your bank account yet, you can still accept and fulfil orders. Thrive Now will hold the money on your behalf and will transfer it as soon as your details are bank details are added.

Thrive Now also sends you a Weekly Report on every Monday with the Settlement dates and Unique Transaction Reference numbers. 
You can also extract a real-time Settlement report via the Thrive Business Dashboard, by going to Reporting --> Online Ordering --> Settlement ---> Duration.