Check out the all new Online Ordering Overview page!


Now get all your Thrive online ordering performance metrics in one location, thanks to the all new Overview Page!

What information can you find on the Online Ordering Overview page?
- See how much you've saved in commission fees by delivering directly to customers.
- Check your sales performance via the number of orders, net sales and average order value across the different types of orders - deliveries, takeaways or dine in.
- Get a grip on your operational performance via the number of accepted orders, acceptance rate, cancellations and rate, average meal prep and delivery times. 
- Lastly get a clear understanding of the reasons for cancellations so you can improve on the same.
You can access the Overview Page within Online Ordering in the Navigation Menu.

Here's a glimpse of the new Online Ordering Overview page! Click the image or here to visit your metrics page!