How to split the delivery charge with customers? What is the difference between Fixed and Percentage fee?


This can be done via the Business Dashboard using the Settings.
Follow the steps given below:

1. Select Settings from the dashboard navigation.


2. Scroll down to the Online Ordering section.


4. Scroll down to Ordering Mode and Delivery within the same. 


5. You can set the Delivery Type to Third Party.

6. Under the Delivery Fee section you'll get an option to choose between Paid by Customer and Split with Customer.

7. You will get an option to define how you'll split the fee with the customer. You can choose to split the fee in a manner wherein a customer pays a Fixed amount or a Percentage value of the total cost of delivery.

8. In case of a Fixed split, you define the predefined amount the customer will be charged per order. In case of Percentage split, you define the percentage of the delivery cost that the customer has to pay.

9. Once done, save changes.