How to create a promo-code based offer?


This can be found on the Business Dashboard.
Follow the steps given below:

  1.  Select Offers under Online Ordering on the Business Dashboard navigation.
  2.  Click on Add Offer to do the same.
  3.  Enter the Offer Name and choose the Type of Offer from free delivery or items, or a rupees off or percentage discount on an item or category. 
  4.  Enter a unique Promo Code of 3 to 10 characters using which customers can redeem the offer.
  5.  Define whether the offer can be redeemed once or multiple times by the same customer.
  6.  Define whether the offer remains Public, is displayed under available rewards for all customers to redeem during checkout, or Private, is not displayed under available rewards and only those with the code can enter the same to redeem it.
  7.  Define a Validity period for the offer.
  8.  Define the redemption availability of the offer by days of the week and times of the day.
  9.  Under Advanced Settings, you can define a Minimum Spend amount required to redeem an offer.
  10.  You can also define the Maximum Number of Redemptions for the offer.
  11.  Once you have decided on the particulars of the offer, go ahead to Save and Create the same.