How to create & send an Email or SMS Reward campaign to your customers?

Campaigns is the most efficient tool to communicate with customers in a targeted and personalized manner based on their activity and preferences at your business. Use an Informational Campaign to send updates or create brand awareness, or use Reward Campaigns to retain customers.

You can send a campaign to your customers from your business dashboard. Once a campaign is sent or scheduled, the customers receive communication accordingly via SMS or Email and a brand recall or a repeat visit is generated.

1. Select Campaigns from the Main Menu. Click the Create Campaign button on the top right of the screen. 
2. Select the mode via which you would like to communicate with customers; we’ll choose the Email or SMS option for this guide.
3. Select the type of Campaign you wish to send; we’ll choose the Reward Campaign option.
4. Choose Customer Audience you want to reach out to, using the Send to filter.
5. Filter your Customer Audience based on User Attributes (Gender, Age, Point Balance), Store Location or Customer Tags (if created)
Select Reward Type by choosing between Offers or Points.
7. Select an Existing Reward or choose to Create Reward for your campaign.
8. To create a new Reward:

Enter a Reward Name such as “Get a Free Item or Enjoy 10% off” 
Select a Reward Category from options such as “Buy 1 Get 1, Single Item Markdown, etc.)
9. Define the Validity of your Reward.
10. Next, enter a Campaign Name to help you identify your campaign.
11. Upload an Image for your email header.
12. Then, enter the Email Subject Content.
You can use the Insert Personalization option to include attributes such as the First Name of your customers.

11. Now, enter your Email Content.
You can format your content as required using the text editing tools.
13. Next, enter the 
SMS Content.
You can use the Insert Personalization option to include attributes such as the First Name of your customers.
You can use the Upload Image option to attach an image in your SMS.

14. Credits are required to send out campaigns. Use the Add Credits option if you require extra credits to your account balance to reach out to the Customer Audience you’ve selected.
15. Choose to Send Now or Send Later at a scheduled date and time.