How to setup restaurant table configuration on Thrive for dine-in and download table specific QR codes?

This can be done via the Business Dashboard using the Settings.
Follow the steps given below:

1. Select Settings from the dashboard navigation.


2. Scroll down to the Online Ordering section.


3. Go to Table Management.

4. Use the Add Table option to add tables individually.
Or, use the Upload Tables option to add tables in bulk. The upload format is available for download there itself.


6. Enter relevant details to Add Table.
You can add a Section name within which the table resides. Eg. Poolside, Indoors
Enter the Table number.
Select the Table type from the dropdown options.
Enter the Capacity of the table.
Click Save once done.



6. The same options are to be entered under the respective columns during bulk upload. 


7. On completion you can download QR codes that are unique to the tables.